Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We still exist!

Hello lovely space larpers!

First off we want to say thank you for the wonderful things you all did at the games and the stories you helped create. This would have been nothing without you guys.
I would personally like to thank all the great people I met and talked to at the events, you guys made all the work wort it!

We have been pretty invisible and we are sorry for that, we had a week off and then Easter came with all that that means. We are aware that a lot of you are waiting for updates from us and don't worry we are on it.
We are now working on getting all the t-shirts out, going through the lost and found and working on how to sell the costumes.
If you guys have anything you are missing from the larp send us an e-mail at and we get back to you about it.
And please be a little patient with us we are working on this and a lot of other post-production as well. 
We just wanted you guys to know we haven't forgotten about you.

So Say We All!