Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Onsite update 2013-02-27

Hi have a text from Martin Elricsson for you!

The Monitor Celestra provides you with the costume (most of you) and character you need to catapult yourself into the world of the Twelve Colonies. But how aboutthose little details? A great thing about the Battlestar Galactica universe ishow easy it is to find great props lying about your home. We’re not expecting you to go shopping, but we do invite you to have a look around your house and bring a few items that gives your character more color. Here’s a few tips and guidelines:

NO LOGO: Remove any and logos or replace with Vergis or Graystone logos. Minimalist or retro is the way to go.

INSPIRED BY THE SHOW: Have a look at this great collection of BSG clothes and props and you’ll get the style.

GOOD SHOES: For any military or Celestra crew a good pair of blackboots, preferably military style, is a must. Simple walking-shoes for civilians. At all costs avoid punk / fetish / goth vibes in your shoes.

UNDERGARMENTS: Again; space is cold. Wear at least longjohns and along-sleeved shirt. Have a look at this for more on undergarments: And of course, it’s never wrong to wear a tank-top over your shirt.

MUTED COLORS: Avoid bright colors. Especially RED since it’s a game mechanic. Earthy. washed out tones is the way to go.

RETRO-FUTURISTIC: The design of the objects you bring should be clean and 50’s retro, archaic or military / minimalist ultra-modern, as in the show.

MEMORY WALL: Please bring two or more pictures of relatives that have died in the Cylon  attacks for a memory wall onboard. Remember to cut the corners if you can.

PLEASE DON’T BRING: Simulated drugs, Cubits, Guns, Gas, Cigars /Cigarettes as we ca’t smoke in the ship.

SUGGESTIONS: Ultra-modern flashligt, belts, ultra-modern beltpouches, polyester tech-bags, cases, goggles, slim pen, notebook (no lines remember corners where possible), minimalist / retro stopwatch / watch without logo, dirt from Tauron, Colonel Tigh-style hip flask with contents, synthetic rope, mechanics tools, a dried flower from a loved one, the last piece of chocolate, bandages, statuette of a Lord of Kobol, pendulum, suitcase with papers for your company / house / car, memorabilia. 

Possible drugs:
Off game they will be distributed by us.
In game they will be distributed by the Ha’La’Tha MEDICAL OFFICER who sells prescription drugs and possibly one other character carrying. We don’t have massive rules for drugs so not too much focus on it.

Empathy: Small pill-like candy.
Morpha: Clear liquid - intravenous injection / autoinjector
Coka: White dextropur. Snorted.
Amp / Stims: any pills. Snorted / ingested.
Kamala: Root-like herb / spice. Ingested.
Weed: Salvia. Ingested since no smoking. 

And a link to the caprican anthem! Go click it!

Yea that's probably it!

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  1. From topic:

    Don't bring:
    Cable cutters, knives or scissors.