Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Feature 2013-02-22


We are now doing so much stuff!

We are in Gothenburg, the first of us, and we are having such a great time. We are at the ship and at the hostel building and booking and dealing. We are trying to make everything fit together and getting wonderful reports from the people left in Stockholm. Everyone in the project are doing great things right now.
It's just one week left, people, one week!

Because of this puzzel we will be closing the online sign up for game one. You will still be able to apply for the last roles but only by e-mailing us at

But we have not let you down we have some films for you this week too, unfortunately not from here but don't worry you will get those during the week.

So you will get two videos about clothing!

Here is one about the costumes with Elin and Elli:

Aren't they wonderful!
And then you get the pleasure of learning how to stay war at the ship (for those of you not used to the Swedish climate and how to fight it) while looking at Fredrik in his undies!

Oh, and if you missed last weeks live feed there is a You Tube clip here.
Ok, That is it folks! See you during the week!


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