Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Feature 2013-02-01

Hi guys!

This is Fredrik speaking to you through the interwebs, I’m gonna be acting Sofia today since she is acting someone else (Larpers ya know)
This project is starting to kick into high gear. Our side of the curtain is buzzing with activity. Packages with props and costumes are coming in, the guys at fiction are wearing out their keyboards, tech is tuning the game and constructing consoles and prod is picking up the paper trail. Oh and marketing - Between friday features, flyers, and keeping the mailbox clean and neat, we're getting alot of attention for this project.

We're trying to create something really awesome and unique and we are getting recognized for it, which is really exciting.
While on the topic, i wanted to remind you about our event at SF-bokhandeln in Stockholm on the 15th.
check it out here

Some of you have been asking about the casting process. It's coming along, but casting 420 participants takes time and they're doing a fantastic job, and it pays to be thorough. But I managed to steal some time from Anna-Karin to make a video on tauron culture.

That’s all for this week
See you next friday!

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