Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Feature 2013-01-18

Hello Spacers!
Vergis Astrophysics

So happy to have you here!
Yesterday we had a great meeting with the entire production team. It was super exiting and a lot of fun to hear about what all the different groups are doing. All of the different groups are doing fantastic things and we are so glad to have such fantastic people aboard.

Celestra Medics
Galactica Officers

The writers are (as you know) starting the first round of casting on the 28th, and they are at the finishing touches of the first letter for all of you that have already registered. They are working super hard right now. If you scroll down you will find a letter from them about what info they want from you to be able to do the casting as great as possible.

Vergis Corporate Executive
Political Administration

The technical team is doing a test run this weekend so you will hear from them in next weeks Friday feature, and oh my, have they got treats for you.


Colonial Marine

The costume people have been starting ordering and have gotten out the costume sketches you see here that came out this week too. They give you an idea of what we want the the different groups to look like. So when you get your roll you can start looking and trying to put together an outfit if you are class A and if you are class B or C you can start dreaming a little! we will be getting more info from costume later on as we get closer to March.

Celestra Engineer

Celestra Staff

Now to this info I promised from the writers about what they want you to tell them before casting begins.
Here it goes:

Galactica Pilot

Celestra Officer

Hello fellow spacelarp Participants!

Casting will start sometime next week, primarily for those we have promised first choice (some of the crowdfunders). It will take off for real at around jan 28th, the day after the last registration date for participants who seek some flexibility in character choices. At around that date, we'll launch a forum for further discussion, development and Q&A's.

We would like for you to think about what you want out of our game. Some of you have provided extensive information, some have not. If you want to add or amend anything just mail Info@celestra-larp.comThe information we're looking for is not what you want to play but rather what experience you want, and what playstyle you'd prefer. And your personal traits. Are you a natural born leader or could you play one? Are you comfortable playing romance? Do you want to strive for political power? Do you want phantom-play etc? 

Players of influential characters will out of necessity need more insight into the plot, and receive some concrete direction from the organizers, to be able to boost and to some degree steer play in the desired direction. If you're sensitive to spoilers or OOC instructions, don't apply for them. If you want to spread focus and actively work for the enjoyment of others, please do apply for them.
We hope you are as exited as we are and will see you in march.So Say We All!

/The Celestra Writer Team 

Hardware Engineer
Caprican Civilians

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