Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday feature 2012-12-14

Hello and happy Friday!!

We are getting really close to Christmas now and I am therefore giving you a sort of holiday feature!
A guide to how to give the Monitor Celestra as a gift to someone. A list of holiday reading links about nordic larp. And what would christmas be without gifts? Which is why, on Monday (or maybe tuesday) there will be a special treat for you all so keep your eyes open!

How to give The monitor Celestra as a gift:

We have had a few people giving tickets to our larp as Christmas presents, and we think that is a great idea! So here comes a guide.

  1. Every registration need a separate email adress. So unless you have an extra email laying around we suggest making a secret adress for the person in question. You can go here: for example.
  2. Register the person in our registration form and make a note about this being a present to someone who is not yet aware. Use the secret email.
  3. Pay in minimum of 1000SEK to make sure the person get to keep their place.
  4. Done!

Holiday reading!

The holidays means time of for a lot of people and also for us working on this project. This gives you a little extra time to read a little.

Therefor I have made a short list of links that can be relevant for people that are new to Nordic larp or larp altogether and want to read up on what it is we are doing up here.

We start with a blog post by Petter Karlsson. A very good larper and a friend to a lot of us in the project. He has done a video that I think is really relevant and a good watch.

The Nordic larp wiki. This is a lot of info but be sure to read at least the post on 360ยบ and Meta-technique since they will be used in our games.

Next is a blog post from Lizzie Stark written for a different larp but still relevant since she is writing from an American larp vs. Nordic larp point of view.

A blog about Nordic larp in general and the Nordic larps the author has been to in particular. I think it has good points and is a great guide to how to think about the Nordic larp experiences even though our games will be a bit more light hearted and focused on space-nerd-fun, we will still have big emotional dramas and hard desicions to be made just like the people in our beloved BSG has.

And With that we say happy holidays and hope you have a good one! We will answer emails and do registrations and stuff like that for another week then we will take a week of to be with our loved ones, eat loads and get some sleep! And then the madness will begin for real!
So have a great weekend!

So say we all /Sofia Alonzo

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