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Friday feature 2012-12-07

This Friday we have a bunch of treats for you!
A group focus piece written by the excellent Martin Ericsson. Check that out for information and inspiration on playing the crew of the Celesta. Then a video from the amazing release party where you will meet the lovely Cecilia (check out that dress!) and her interview victim. And last but not in any way least a sound trailer! Are you as exited as I am? let me tell you: no, you are not!

But before all this fun begins I will take a moment to introduce myself: My name is Sofia Alonzo and I have just signed on to this amazing crew of able people making this madness into reality (seriously the things they do, I am amazed). I will be your voice of reason (ha!) on the blog and try my best to make it interesting for you. Please leave me comments,  I am new to this after all and I would love to hear from you. So now on to the fun stuff!

We will start with the most exiting (in my personal opinion). I present to you:

The sound trailer! 

 Some of you heard it on the release party others have been patiently waiting for it.This really need no more presentation than that.
So put on your headphones, close your eyes and imagine it is cold and you are surrounded by steel and a long long way from home.

Group focus: The Crew of The Celestra

 Hey there ‘spacers!

Welcome to our first "Group Focus" feature, where writers tell you why playing their favorite groups will be absolutely awesome. Let’s kick off with Martin Ericsson and his darling: The Crew.

The two inspirations for the crew of The Celestra. The space-proletariat of Nostromo and the kick-ass freebooters of Serenity. If you dig that, you know what to sign up as.

So, the Galactica is basically a huge can full of annoyingly well-groomed Caprican fascists. They follow orders and go “yes-sir” and “so say we all” all the time and act morally superior more often than not. Sure, if being clean-cut and taking bullshit orders is your thing, the Galactica is great. But if you aim to misbehave, let me introduce you to some friends I met while drinking cooling-fluid on a shitty dive on pleasure-sat Satyrion 93. 
So this scary lady is Captain Polos, she’s been at the helm of The Celestra for the better part of five years. She got the job when Vergis signed her contract just after her predecessor was left stranded on the third moon of Pychon with two days of air and a bottle of Tauron rum. She’s been running this bucket of bolts pretty much in that style ever since. Just ask anyone in the crew about the salvage run to the Marduk-belt in ´09. 
This gentleman here works in the reactor-room. Careful, Celestra is his baby, lover and mother. He knows every sound of her engines and he has his very own tricks to milk some extra AU’s from her thrusters even when the meters hit empty. No Galactica Blue can do that. This talk of the Colonials taking command of The Celestra can only be so much bullshit. After all; no-one could operate her the way her crew can.
This gang have stuck together for quite some time. While they take on outsiders like they were family, there´s a lot of dirt just beneath the surface. Love-affairs, letdowns and bad calls are remembered and constantly referred to. Just like in any family I guess. 
While The Celestra is officially on lease from Vergis and the company have first claim to her services, the crew know who the Celestra really belongs to. The last few years the sensor ship has taken on dangerous private contracts ranging from sweeping derelict fuel-processing satellites for metal fatigue to scavenger missions where the salvage has...struggled a bit. In short she’s a kickass freebooter ship, filled with stories and camaraderie. Her crew stick together not because they have orders to do so, but because they love the freedom of space, their ship and each other.
/Martin Ericsson

The video from the release party. 

And as a last little treat you get to see a short video from the release party and the hype that was so thick in the air we walked in a buzz for days! Well, that and Cecilia's dress.

That's all for this week. Have a great weekend and You'll hear from me next friday!

/Sofia Alonzo

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