Friday, November 30, 2012

The Mysterious Game #4

As anyone who signed up has noticed we have four shows planned but have only opened registration to the first three. This has two reasons:
  1. The ship is expensive to rent and we have a clause that makes the last weekend (and last weekends rent) optional.
  2. From a casting perspective it is better with three full shows than four 3/4 full.

A few have expressed a wish to switch to this date if/when we open it for registration. If we allowed this as a default option it would unfortunately leave us with a complicated casting situation where we can't be sure that participants are actually intending to attend the show they signed up for. So the answer there is that this counts as buying another ticket. If you are set on participating, please don't hold off registering hoping for Mar 22-24, we need you!

We're all in this adventure together and to make the budget show black numbers we need to reach 400 participants by 31 Jan 2013. It's looking good so far with over a hundred registrations in less than a week. Still we need you to help us keep the buzz up and those numbers rising. So if you haven't yet shared how you feel about the project in your social media channels, please do it now :)

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