Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Feature 2012-11-09

Starting from now, and every friday before the events, we will provide you with a Friday Feature, just to celebrate that the weekend starts and that we are approaching March. Our Friday features will treat anything that possibly would interest you as an attendant in the Celestra: conceptual drawings, stories, videos and lots of other things. Some of these will be
directly connected to the Celestra project, some others just be vaguely associated to Sci-fi in general.
Part of the material will be of the kind that the organizer staff produces, but we also would like to see contributions from you in terms of material that can inspire us all. We appreciate all your contributions!

We start with our event dates, just to celebrate this first Friday Feature:

Game 1: March 1-3
Game 2: March 8-10 (all English game)
Game 3: March 15-17
Game 4: March 22-24 (if we fill the other ones up sufficiently)

Registration to game 1-3 will open on Nov 24, which we'll celebrate by throwing a release party in Stockholm on this very day. Time and place: 20:00, HiQ Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 20. RSVP to no later than Nov 21 to get on the guest list.

With great timing the first webepisodes of long awaited BSG prequel "Blood and Chrome" were released today, so naturally we'll finish our first Friday Feature by including these.

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