Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Character classes, status and plots

This is a clarification regarding the purpose of having character classes. We have heard voices claiming that you can pay your way to a high status character and a more "central" part in the plot. Nothing can be more wrong:

  1. All characters, and I really mean ALL characters, are as important to us. No one is support cast. Nobody's experience is prioritized over anothers. We place a lot of honor in this.
  2. There is not one hierarchy (the military) onboard The Celestra that provides high status characters, if this is what you want, but five: the celestra crew, Vergis corporation, the political representatives, the military and the Ha'la'tha. The leadership of three of those fall into the cheapest character class (A), one into B and only one into C. These hierarchies will operate independently and challenge each other, that's one of our dramatical foundations.

So why character classes then? 

We decided that it was not cost efficient for us to provide the base costumes for civilian characters. It's really easy for the players to provide themselves, we are talking about normal contemporary clothes after all. But for us to match sizes and gender specifics would mean a significant cost that we don't think that you players want to take. We will however provide some extra stuff for civilians to complement their garments with.

So the one and only reason for character classes is that we found it fairer that the player who gets a 2000 SEK uniform pays the cost of this compared to the one who gets a shawl.

... or a hat

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  1. I am looking forward to putting it all together and playing the best, I can