Thursday, October 4, 2012


As mentioned we are negotiating with Maritiman, a maritime museum in Gothenburg, about the conditions under which we could rent the destroyer "Småland". This ship is just the perfect location for our game in almost every sense. There is one drawback though; the owners won't let us sleep onboard due to safety regulations. So in order to play there we have to cut between acts and leave the ship between midnight and 8:00 am. We have looked around for other locations to continue larping in during these hours (i e sleep ingame) but haven't been able to find any wihtin an acceptable price range. We're therefor thinking of letting everyone find their rest privately, although we will try get deals with nearby hotels and hostels to make them offer a discount. Not renting sleeping quarters for everyone, nor accomodating safety onboard "Småland", will lower the final participant fee with something like 300-500 SEK. For those of you that have contributed more than your final fee we will cover the cost of boarding two nights in a nearby hostel. EDIT: we will include common accomodations in a hostel for everyone. The fictional team is working with some great ideas on how to make the time there feel like it's really a part of the total experience.

Note that the story will be designed in acts or "episodes" each lasting approximately 8 hours, which will make the breaks fit naturally into the drama. This design is something we would have done anyway, BSG is TV-series after all. To break up a larp in acts with "off time" in between is maybe not the most common larp design, but it has been done many times with good results. A complete break also avoids 48h shifts for the game masters...

The alternative would be to look for another place altogether which would throw the production into a new void of uncertainty, a place we'd like to reserve for the characters once the game starts :)

Another one would be to leave the ship in smaller groups to sleep in turns and leave the game running. Our opinion is that this has more drawbacks than a common break. It requires more logistics, some will have odd sleeping hours, less rest for game masters and most of all it can become strange that all characters are not available all the time.

If you have any strong opinion about this please use the comments. We'd be happy to get your input.


  1. Sleeping in shifts is common in naval, both on earth and space. With this background it wouldn't be against the spirit and scenario. I understand the difficulties with writing the storyline with rolling sleeping-shifts while the "cabins" are off the ship.

  2. We're very aware that sleeping in shifts is common onboard naval ships (Galactica seens to be the exeption though, see e g episode "33"). The problem as we see it is that you can't "Go wake up the commander, we have an emergency!" when then person playing the commander isn't available.

  3. I think episodes are just fine - if you make sure you get maximum playing time out of the time you are awake.

    A thought though;

    Why is it not allwoed to sleep onboard? Is taking a nap also illegal? It would seem, that the reason this is illegal is because if everybody is sleeping, an accident could grow out of proportions in now time?

    But what if people for instance was sleeping in shifts on board the ship? So 1/3 sleeping, 2/3 awake (roughly). Any sort of emergency would not really be a problem since there would be loads of people awake to make sure all the sleeping people got off - especially if sleeping could only be done in designated areas and there was a plan for who should wake which people.

    Maybe it is just a law that is unbendable because that is the easiest to manage. But maybe if you dig into it and look at the reasons behind the rule it is actually possible to find a cool in-game way around it.

    But as I said - I would be fine by sleeping off-ship. However if you do that, I would think you should reconsider getting centralized sleeping arrangements. If people sleep different places you risk that people run late, get lost or are just plain in need of transportation options that might not be easily available.

  4. Latest news is that we made a second go at several hostels and one of them now had room for all of us, so there will be common lodging. The fictionary team are on the task of making this into something that contributes to the overall experience as well.

    Swedish law regarding fire safety is very strict, especially in Gothenburg since the disco fiire in 1998 that killed 63 people (Swedish article: We've tried the things you mentioned but they see it as twisting the rules and it's not an option unfortunately.

  5. Fair.

    But common accomodation is all fine as well in my opinion :-)