Friday, September 21, 2012

Location status

From the very beginning of this project we have had our main focus on one location, and one location only: the destroyer Småland, which is part of the maritime museum Maritiman in central Gothenburg. She was built in 1952, is 121 meters long and originally held a crew of 272.

Negotiations with the museum has taken many turns during spring and summer, but things are at the moment of writing promising, although nothing is definite yet. Once we get an OK there is still much to do, in particular we need to have a special fire inspection done to determine exactly how we can use the different parts of the ship and, which we hope but the owners are skeptical about, it will be possible for us to sleep on board. As a setting for The Monitor Celestra this location is about as good as anything we could ever imagine. Winding steel corridors and ladders, real CIC, huge engine rooms, etc. The only thing missing is the hangar deck, but we'll write our way around that with ease.

Stay tuned for images from our latest recon mission to Gothenburg...


  1. Sounds great!

    Why are the owners skeptical about sleeping in particular? I would have guessed on them being more worried about other activites.

  2. They're sceptical about the possibility of getting the necessary permissions after fire and safety inspections.